FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your audio in my podcast/video/game?

Yes! I would love to see my songs being used in your work! But please give me attribution (a mention of "AudioGoblin.com") and please link back to AudioGoblin.com!

… but what if I monetize my podcast/video/game?

You still may use all songs from AudioGoblin.com!

I run a D&D show myself and I know how hard it is to find well fitting audio material that may be played during live streams.

So, if you're a spare time creator (like me), you may absolutely use my songs in your productions with attribution.

But if you're creating content professionally, or if you're making lots of money with your work, that uses my work, (though you decide what "lots of money" means) then it doesn't seem unreasonable that we discuss some sort of licensing fee arrangement.

Anyways, please consider becoming my Patron. πŸ™

How are the songs being licensed?

All songs on AudioGoblin.com are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. License

Yes, this is the most restrictive CC License. But you still may use my songs in your productions.

I licensed the songs this way, because I'm using audio material that may not be reselled in small junks as standalone products. To make it more clear: With this licensing I just want to ommit the legal possibility of cutting out pieces from the songs and selling these extracts individually.

So, again: Using the songs on AudioGoblin.com as background music for your podcast/video/game/etc with attribution, is very welcome! In fact, making it possible for you to use my songs in your project is the whole point of this website.

Who are you?

I'm Γ„lex. I live in Germany with my family and I work as a web developer. I play Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop RPG, with my Community on Discord, our lovely JingleFam. πŸ€

I'm also a musician. I started playing the piano when I was 6 and played mostly classical music. But I always took pleasure from coming up with my own melodies. I also taught myself the guitar. When I was about a thousand years younger, I played Bass in a hardcore band. No, you don't want to see pictures. πŸ˜…


You can email me at: hello@audiogoblin.com or find me on Twitter

Why did you make this?

I was on the hunt for background music for my own role-playing show.

Then I stumpled upon Tabletop Audio. And Tim - the composer - allowed me to use his songs in my show. I instantly supported him on Patreon. Tim is my idol. He is such a nice guy. And to finally come back to your question, I want to answer it with Tim's words: "I've found that playing situational audio files - i.e. "you're in a cave!" increases the level of enjoyment, immersion and suspension of disbelief for many gamers. Just as some players like adding miniatures to amp up their games, I enjoy adding some kind of background audio."

After 2 years, after settling with the show and getting more into a routine, I had the wish to create new tracks for my show and I wanted to share those new tunes with the world. My main driver is to make it as easy as possible for you, to play my songs.

Can I hire you?

Yes! Please send me an email at hello@audiogoblin.com and tell me about your project.

What is the quality of the sounds?

192kbit/sec mp3

What is your own role-playing show?

DnDienstag - a German live stream and podcast. We play Dungeons & Dragons.

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